Write Yourself or be Written!

09 Jan

So, its the first day of the Spring Semester here at FIU, and I’m gearing up to met my 27 ENC 1101 Writing Students for the first time. In addition to the basics first class requirements of introducing the goals of the semester long class, [reviewing the syllabus, introducing myself, and having the students meet each other] I decided to show Andrea Lundsford’s video on “Write Yourself or Be Written.”
I find myself in a pensive mood. I cannot stop thinking about this overarching theme of using writing as a powerful tool. The concept of first time writers envisioning writing as something proactive and positive, as opposed to sitting back and merely, being written. It’s funny, because in some ways life gives precedence and importance to “being written.” Many among us would find it cool, exciting even, to have a book or story written about them- provided of course that what is being shared with the world is a positive achievement. Having a positive story shared publicly makes us feel important and valued. However, wouldn’t it be more exhilarating if we wrote our story ourselves?
Now, I know there must be one reader out there saying, ‘Yea right!” However, if we really write for ourselves we already solve the dilemma of difficult writing. This idea really piggybacks another article I came across online, by Jeff Goins, titled “Three Ways to Write for Yourself.” Accepting that writing does have its fair share of hiccups, Jeff tells us that “writing for yourself, frees you from the pressure to impress (Jeff). It allows you to write what you need, versus being bogged down by trying to find a voice to speak to your expected audience. For Jeff, good writing focuses on the audience primarily at the editing and tweaking phase. This allows for honest writing, and for simple writing that first starts with the writer!

Three Ways to Write for Yourself | Goins, Writer.

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