We Write by Asking Questions?

11 Jan

The goal today, was to understand that writing is a struggle, but more importantly, it is a process that with a few knowing tweaks, can become a very positive experience. So I start with the question, “We write by asking questions? On some level, this question might seem a bit contradictory, I mean isn’t the writer, at the very least, suppose to know where the “story” is going? Well, the answer is that the writer should have some idea of where they want the “story” to end [the degree of certainty of that ending really depends on the genre], but the way they get their audience there should challenge the level of engagement of the writer, as much as it should the audience.

Like the audience the writer must be captivated, or at least puzzled by the subject(s) being discussed. This ensures that the written work is not boring, that its purpose is clear and that that the ideas being expressed are succinct and fluid. After all, if our writing doesn’t challenge us, how are we to persuade others to think of it as good writing?

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