Rhetorical Appeals and Audience effectiveness and Timed Writing

15 May

Write an essay that considers how effectively the ad you choose uses rhetorical appeals to reach the target you identify. In your essay, include a thesis statement that states the product(s) name, the target audience, and state whether the ad effectively uses rhetorical appeals to influence the audience. Support your thesis statement with specific examples from the ad.

Audience Profile: Look closely at an advertisement. Answer the following questions to determine the audience for the ad. [This sheet should take no more than 10 minutes to fill out. It should help you frame your response]


1. What is the product that is being advertised?_________________________________________________


2. In general, this product is mainly used by male / fewmale / either.


3. The average age of people who use this product is probably_____________________________________


4. The apparent age of the people in the ad (if they are present) is__________________________________


5. The gender of those in the ad (if they are present) is male /

female / both.


6. Identify the setting of this ad (outdoors, office, classroom, etc.).



7. Briefly describe the action in the ad.



8. Describe people you know who do the actions you identified.



9. Read the written part of the ad. Rate the diction as easy / medium /

difficult / complex.


10. What is the racial or cultural group shown in this ad?_________________________________________


Write a statement about the audience for this advertisement.



Imagine that this ad was created for a different audience. Describe

the new audience. What would be different about this ad? What would

remain the same? Why?

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