Corruption in Latin America:Democracy to the Rescue-Economist

13 Mar

This is a good article on corruption in Latin America, and by extension highlights some of the very issues and challenges faced by countries of the Caribbean. However, I find fault with this idea that corruption is only a problem predominantly faced by non-democracies and new, young, and promising democracies. The article rightly highlights the shortfall in states who once  accepted the notion that democratization and market reform policies would somehow curb corruption, yet it should also highlight the irony of anti-corruption policies that promote the minimizing of  government regulations on markets. Let us not lose sight of the fact that even within one of the most established democracies in the world–the U.S–they still struggles with corruption related to financial regulations, political financing and, government and politics. Inside trading, loopholes for shell companies and trust to evade regulation. Freud and embezzlement charges at the political level, and the strength of super PACs.

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