The Destruction of Paradise is Ongoing

16 Mar

we face a conundrum because history also tells is that development cannot take place in a vacuum

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On September 1, 2014 I wrote a blog post entitled: “The Systematic Dismantling of Paradise: A Preliminary Checklist.”  Well, here is an update. Six months later, the dismantling continues, unabated. If anything, it has accelerated.

A boat on Lake Nicaragua. Yes, that is the (not entirely dormant) A boat on Lake Nicaragua. Yes, that is one of the twin volcanos of Ometepe Island in the background (not entirely dormant). Ometepe is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Let’s start in Central America, shall we? In Nicaragua, the Hong Kong-based HKND Group (reportedly backed by the Chinese Government) is still working on its planned canal project. We should not underestimate the scale. In a January 20, 2015 article headlined “Land of Opportunity – and Fear – Along Route of Nicaragua’s Giant New Canal” the UK Guardian notes: In an era of breathtaking, earth-changing engineering projects, this has been billed as the biggest of them all. Three times as long and almost twice as…

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