Current Projects

  • Manuscript: Titile: Governance and Disorder: Neoliberalism and Violent Change in Jamaica

 By:  Michelle Munroe Florida International University & Damion K Blake Elon University


Latin American and Caribbean cities and municipalities since the 1980s reflect a general pattern of neoliberal reorganization. Neoliberal ideology has allowed for the juxtaposition of the traditional role of the state and the increasing legitimacy of private entities offering services formerly carried out by the state. This uneven and forced collaboration has resulted in a neo-liberal re-sculpting of city-spaces in the region characterized by a decline in the territorial authority and control of the state. Structural adjustment policies (SAPs) inadvertently exposed several cities and neighborhoods in the region to social, economic and political disorder. Based on eight months of field research. Based on eight moths of field research done in the capital city of Downtown Kingston, Jamaica and its adjoining metropolitan neighborhoods, this paper assesses the relationship between neoliberal reforms to the Jamaican state and the nature of violence. Arguing that violence morphed from being solely politically motivated in the 1960/70s, the paper highlights how drug-gang, inter-garrison and inter-don warfare became additional features of criminality by the 1990s. Further, the paper examines the possibility of rebuilding the Jamaican state’s role and central authority in Kingston’s inner city communities. Recommendations for dismantling patterns of violence within urbanized inner city communities and mechanisms to strengthen and re-legitimize the governing capacity of the state are outlined in this paper.

Keyword: Jamaica Neoliberalism Violence Governance Dons Disorder

  • Research on Marijuana Legislation in Jamaica and the Americas


  • Reassessing Garrison Typologies in a Neoliberal World

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