Approaches to Teaching & Student Work:
Thornburg, David D. 2001. “Campfires in Cyberspace: Primordial Metaphors for Learning in the 21st Century.” Ed at a Distance 15(6) June.

Excerpt from Tobin, Lad. Reading Student Writing: Confessions, Meditations, and Rants Boynton/Cook publishing, 2004.

Rhetoric & Reading Literacy Narratives
What is Rhetoric?
ClemsonEnglish. (2011, June 27). “In Defense of Rhetoric: no longer just for liars.” Clemson English’s Channel. Youtube
“In Defense of Rhetoric: No Longer Just for Liars” is a 14 min. video created by graduate students in the MA in Professional Communication program at Clemson University. It explains why popular notions of rhetoric are inaccurate and demonstrates how rhetoric actually produces new knowledge (14:09)

Conducting Research
Randy Pausch’s, Last Lecture is a fun and informative video to use to identify various research methods, and to generate ways to overcome the brick walls that writers often face when conducting research. A interesting class activity can be created using this video. (1:16.27)
Pausch, Randy. (2007 December 7). “Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture: achieving your childhood dream.” CarnegieMellonU Channel. Youtube

“mankind is of one author, and is one volume; when one man dies, one chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated into a better language; and every chapter must be so translated….”
-John Donne

“Lethem,Jonathan. 2007. “The Ecstasy of Influence: A Plagiarism Mosaic.” Harper’s Magazine (February):59-71.

Video Stream fro Radio Open Source (51:56)
Lydon, Chritopher. (Executive Producer). (2007, February 28). “The Ecstasy of Influence.” Providence, Rhode Island: Arts, ideas and Politics with Christopher Lydon.

Florida International University has a great site on plagiarism.
In addition to clearly defining plagiarism, the site also:
1. Talks about the various types of plagiarism,
2. Informs individuals ways to avoid plagiarism,
3. Speaks about the process that takes place when students are faced with plagiarism charges,
4. Indicates the options available for students and faculties when plagiarism raises its ugly head, and
5. Provides individuals with a online test, just in case they are still not sure what exactly pagiarism looks like.

Rutger’s Plagiarism Tutorial
Fun and interactive tutorial on 1. What is Plagiarism? 2. Plagiarism: Real Life examples, and 3. The Cite is Right: the Quiz Show


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