Angle of Vision II

Angle of Vision II- Group Activity

Class Goals:
Continuing Goal: Students will understand how messages persuade through their angle of vision
• Focus on angle of vision not as a tool of persuasion [previous class] but as a perspective or point of view.
• Understand that point of view controls what the reader ‘sees’.

Class activities:
1. Recap definition of Angle of Vision from previous class. Angle of vision is primarily a) a tool of persuasion, but it is also b) a lens, filter, perspective, bias, and point of view. Ultimately it determines what the reader ‘sees’.

2. Display image of ‘Old Woman/Young Woman’ to re-enforce the focus on point of view. Two different perspective from one picture: Perception is our view of reality based on what we see, hear, or feel. Have student identify both the old lady and the young woman in the pictures. [Help class identify both perceptions]
3. Play video on the ‘wolf’s version of the three little pigs’ and highlight the point that:
a. When we have problems with others, sometimes it is because we see the problems- differently. To be able to show conflict, solve problems, and help our readers see [ not necessarily agree with] your point of view, we need to practice seeing both points of view.

4. Divide class into as many groups as you have time to allow present:
• Assign the following stories to each group. [note that some stories will generate more than two points of views and can be used by more than one group.

  1. Little Red Riding Hood- point of view of the the Wolf
  2. Cinderella- point of view of the stepsisters or the stepmother
  3. Goldilocks and the Three Little Bears- point of view of any one of the three bears
  4. The Tortoise and the Hare- point of view of the hare

Ensure that students have enough time for each group to retell their characters version of the story.

  1. What is the point of view? Which character is retelling the story?
  2. Do any of the “good” “bad” characters change?
  3. Who do you feel bad for in the original version? how do you feel about that character now?
  4. Which version did you enjoy reading the most and why?

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