Angle of Vision

Class Goals:
• Students will understand how messages persuade through their angle of vision.

Class activities
1. Ask students to review clips and images with these questions in mind: Show clips of MAC vs PC
commercials and then show images that can be interpreted in more than one way such as the images. Can they
see the three ladies in Einstein’s face? Or the couple kissing in the rose? Or the unborn baby made from

a. What is the primary focus of this shot? 

b. What information has been cropped from this shot? 

c. From whose perspective are we viewing the image(s)?
d. How could this shot have been done differently? How would this change the meaning of the image(s)?

2. Ask the students what image of themselves they present on a first date. What information do they always
include? What do they always leave out? How do their answers change if they like someone? If they do not
like someone?

3. Review these concepts:
a. What is an angle of vision?
i. It is primarily used as a tool of persuasion. It is a way of seeing a subject that is 
inherently biased
in one direction or another.
b. How is it achieved?
c. What details the writer selects or omits.
d. Choosing words with certain connotations.
e. Sentence Structure
f. Overall organization to emphasize certain points above others
g. Adopting tone, style to benefit format
h. Also called lens, filter, perspective, bias, point of view, etc.
i. Controls what the reader “sees.” 

If time permits:

4. Ask students to work with a partner.

a. Student pairs will come up with a cartoon like the one found on p.53 of the A&B. They 
will replace “stem
cell research” with a topic of their choice and create 6 different 
angles for considering this topic.
b. The class will discuss their responses to this activity. Ask the students if they came up 
with an angle
that would make for an interesting research paper.


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