Core Concept- Writing for a Purpose

Core Concepts- Writing for a purpose

Class Goals:
• Students will consider how authors write for a purpose to an audience within a genre.

Class activities:

1. Review writing for purpose and audience:
• Your audience determines what you write, what examples and details to include, what to emphasize, word
choice and tone.
• Your purpose for writing determines what you write, the point of your writing, and how you will make your
• Knowing audience and purpose gives your writing focus.

2. Ask students to consider television shows such as The Simpsons, Iron Chef, and Gossip Girl.

3. For each show ask students to consider the following questions:
a. What is the purpose of each show?
b. Who is most likely the primary audience for each show? How do you know this? (Language, content,
commercials, etc.)
c. What type of show is each? (Documentary, comedy, soap opera, etc.)
d. What characteristics define each show? (Ie. dramatic music, bad makeup, etc.)

4. Create groups of four students.
a. Students will read the Book, Music or Movie review.
b. Students will identify the purpose, audience, and genre for this review.
c. Students will answer questions pertaining to review.

5. Discuss answers in class.


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