Parts of an Informative Essay: Introduction


1. Students will learn how to write a thesis driven introduction. Each Student will brainstorm on:

• What is the purpose and function of an introduction?
• Learn the appropriate form of an essay in order to be able to model and identify ways to:
o Use various attention grabbers/ motivators in writing an introduction,
o Identify sound thesis statements and the surprising reversal technique
o Generate a blueprint for the paper.


1. Introduce the topic in an interesting way that entices the reader

2. Indicate how the topic is to be developed in the body paragraphs that follow

3. Learn how to seamlessly incorporate the thesis statement into the introduction

Class Activities:

1. Free write/brainstorm
Prompt: If the research paper can be compared to a meal, then the introduction is the appetizer. In your
journals I want you to write down whether you agree or disagree with this statement and why. In What ways is
the introduction like an appetizer? Alternatively, in what ways is it not?

2. Share and Discuss free write
a. What is an appetizer? [Descriptive]
i. Small food or drink offered before the meal
ii. Its light, small, usually in line with the larger dinner theme
iii. Sets the mood/tone [allows people to determine their mindset as dinner approaches and their mood in
b. What is the purpose of an introduction- its reason for existence?
i. to entice your reader into wanting to read more
ii. to stimulate interest on your topic open up cravings- make us receptive to learning/ be shown something new [more so if it is not
something we would still be interested in after we have been introduced to it]

3. Mini-lecture + question and answer
a. The functions/objectives of an Introduction
• Identify the specific topic
• Provide relevant background information
• Identify and explain the complications found within the topic
o Introduce surprising reversal
• Use the thesis statement to establish direction of study and point the audience towards the conclusion
b. The Form/structure of the introduction
i. Motivator/attention grabber
ii. Thesis + surprising reversal
iii. Blueprint/points to be explored in detail in the body of the essay

4. [Whole group activity]-
i. A sample introduction is projected on the screen.
ii. One student will read it aloud.
iii. Led by the instructor the class will identify:
1. the motivator/hook
2. the thesis and surprising reversal
3. Blueprint/ideas that would be further explored in the body paragraphs

5. [Peer group Activity]
1. Assuming students are divided into 7 groups of 4 students each, the peer group activity would require
each student to bring:
i. A hardcopy of draft #1 Introduction to class
ii. A yellow and a pink highlighter
2. Instruct students to exchange their draft#1.
i. Instruct them to identify the motivator. Highlight in yellow the motivator
ii. Instruct them to respond on the back of the draft they are reviewing:
1. Was the motivator effective at hooking the reader? Why or why not?
3. Instruct them to identify the thesis statement. Underline the thesis statement.
i. Instruct them to respond on the back of the draft they are reviewing:
1.Is the thesis statement clear? What is the subject and the opinion?
4. Instruct them to identify the blueprint. Highlight in pink each idea provided that will support the
i. Instruct them to respond on the back of the draft they are reviewing:
1. How many ideas did the writer present? What are the possible ideas mentioned
to support the thesis, and will form the remainder of the essay?
2. Are these ideas relevant and supportive of the thesis statement?
5. Discuss ways to writer could possibly improve the introduction
6. Return reviewed draft to Writer


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