Unit Objectives

Informative Essay Unit Plan (Scientific)

Teaching Philosophy:
Our teaching philosophy addresses not only the immediacy of the assignment and the goals of the course, but is guided by a desire to have students feel comfortable joining a larger conversation and learn the importance of staying task-focused. Both objectives will help students throughout their college careers and in their future employment.

Learning Outcomes
Having completed this unit students should grasp the following:

Effectively incorporate primary and secondary sources into an essay while still maintaining a distinct personal voice thus joining in the ongoing conversation of their fields of interest.

Apply conventions of both open and closed form writing as a way of enhancing rhetorical purpose.

Understand the genre of scientific writing and its applications in the various fields of both physical and social sciences.

Effective application of the principles of ethos, pathos and logos as a means of both understanding and developing the connection between a write and their audience.

Come to understand writing as a process that necessarily must incorporate the steps of drafting editing and revision.


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