Student Release form

Student Writing Permission Form

Dear [Student’s Name]:

Because it is helpful to be able to use student writing as examples in teaching, training, and research, I am asking you for permission to reproduce your work.
If you grant me this permission, I might use your writing in several ways:
• I might include it in examples of student writing used on my, teaching eportfolio and future
course Web site, to norm graders, or to represent to various groups how I work with student
• I might photocopy or make a transparency of all or part of your paper to serve as an example
in a class, workshop, or other public presentation, either face to face or on the Web,
sometime in the future, at FIU, in other ENC 1101 classes.
• I might change or adapt your paper or parts of it to meet specific needs of the projects

Of course, it is also quite possible that I will not use your work, even if you give me permission to do so. 
You are under no obligation to allow me to use your work, and your decision will have no influence on your course grade. If you are willing to allow me to reproduce your writing, please fill out the appropriate items on the next page and return this form to me. If it is not possible to return a hard copy of this form, please include the information from the next page in an email to me to grant me permission. If you have completed this assignment as group work, please obtain the permission of everyone in your group. 

Thank you for your consideration and help,

Michelle Munroe
PhD. Candidate, ABD
Department of Politics & International Relations
School of International and Public Affairs
Florida International University


To: Michelle Munroe
You have my permission to use and adapt all or part of the following piece of writing as examples in writing courses, on the Internet, and teaching workshops.

Paper Title:

Please type an X in one of the following:
_____ You may use my first and last name to identify my work.
_____ You may use my first name only.
_____ You may use my work, but not my name. (If you mark this option, I will either use
your work without any name, or I will make up a name.) 
In addition, please type an
X below if you wish identifiable features to be changed:
_____ You may use my work, but please change any identifiable details, such as last
names of people.

Course: ENC 1101- U55


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