Student I

Final Draft- Literacy Narrative.

Students were required to do conferences during the brainstorming portion of this assignment. They came to conference with their first draft- a free write on their relationship with language. When I met with Student I, she indicated that she wanted to write about-how school for her was not hard. She never had to study or put much effort into her assignments, and now that she is at college, she knows she needs to put more effort into her work. She ended with, “I know I need to get good grades, so I can get a good job.” After some discussion about tension, and reflection on a time when her appreciation or dissatisfaction for language was reenforced or questioned, we arrived at a potential narrative that more personal to the student. Student I’s second draft, was little different from her final submission. The only difference was that she worked on adding a lower level of abstraction to specific portions of her paper.


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